Win a Home - or Cash Equivalent!Win a Home - or Cash Equivalent!

  • To enter, just tell us a true story of someone that overcame adversity.
  • Every entry will win a prize!
  • There is a guaranteed grand prize winner of every contest.
  • Small tax deductible donation which will cover the expenses of the contest.
  • Remaining donation proceeds are distributed to homeless shelters in Los Angeles to help people in need.
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How the Contest Works

How the Dream Home Contest Works

To participate in the Dream Home Contest, all you need to do is select an available contest listed on our web site that you wish to participate in. You will then answer the questions on our on-line application and tell us your story. Since it is easier for some people to video their story versus write, we provide the ability for you to up-load your video story to our site. Your story will be validated and reviewed by a panel of impartial representatives. Based on your story, you could be the grand prize winner of a home in the community you selected. If you are not successful in winning the grand prize, you will still win an alternative prize to show our appreciation in entering the contest.

To learn more, watch our video.

The Process is as Follows:

  • Step 1: Complete our contest entry form and submit a minimum donation of $25.00.
  • Step 2: Each Dream Home Contest has a limit as to the number of entries that can be submitted. Once the limit is met, the contest is closed and the entries are submitted to our expert review panel.
  • Step 3: Your entry will be reviewed by a group (minimum 5 reviewers) to insure objectivity. It’s important for all contestants to be honest in their answers. Each panel member will review all entries and assess a score to your submitted entry.

Your score will be based on the following criteria:

  • Rate the quality of the lessons learned. Is there a great moral to their story? = 30 possible points
  • How compelling is the story told? = 20 possible points
  • Rate the endearing qualities of the story = 20 possible points
  • Presentation skill of the entry = 20 possible points
  • Feedback from peer participation = 10 possible points
  • Step 4: One grand prize winner of the Dream Home Contest will be selected based on the entry with the highest score. If there is a tie between the highest scoring entries, these entries will be reviewed and re-scored to determine the final winning entry.
  • Step 5: The winning entry will receive a home. Only one grand prize winner per Dream Home Contest.
  • Step 6: Other entries will be chosen to receive a variety of different services. Services can include, but are not limited to, financial assistance, rental/leasing assistance, housing assistance, home mortgage loans, and government assistance. All contestants will be awarded a prize.

The process takes approximately 60-days. Then it takes approximately 30-days for the home to close escrow. At such time, the home will be yours! Secondary prizes will be issued to the winners within 30 days of the conclusion of the contest.

Your Story Can Help Others

The typical question asked by people that have lost their home is “Why Me?” Lessons you have learned can help others to avoid a similar situation. They also provide encouragement and hope for others to overcome adversity.

Your Story Can Help the Community

We are associated with the non-profit organization “We Are Community Foundation.” After covering the cost of the prizes and administering the contest, the remaining profits are distributed back into the communities where stories were received.

Your Story Can Help You and Your Family

Due to our extensive list of sponsors, we are able to provide every person that submits a story a prize to show our appreciation for sharing your story. The grand prize winner will be awarded the home or equivalent value of the home in cash.

How to Enter a Contest

To enter a Dream Home Contest, please fill out our contest entry form and tell us how winning a home would change your life.

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